Mission & Goals

ASCP Mission Statement

The mission of the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology is to advance the science and practice of clinical psychopharmacology.


ASCP Goals

In education

  •  to provide continuing education, e.g., reviews, updates, presentation of new findings, for practicing psychopharmacologists;
  •  to encourage interest in and support training in psychopharmacology for medical students, psychiatric residents and fellows;

 In research

  •  to encourage clinically relevant research in psychopharmacology and the rapid dissemination of new findings;
  • to facilitate exchange of information among senior psychopharmacologists and other investigators in the field and the exchange of information and discussion between investigators and practitioners of psychopharmacology;
  • to stimulate and encourage young investigators interested in psychopharmacology;

 In other professional areas

  • to establish liaisons with, and complement the efforts of, other related professional organizations, e.g., APA, ACNP, Biological Psychiatry;

 In nonprofessional areas

  • to develop constructive relationships with mental health advocacy groups; and
  • to advocate public policies which promote clinical research of psychiatric disorders and the delivery of high quality patient care.