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  • ASCP members contribute an ASCP Corner article to each bimonthly issue of JCP, edited by Leslie L. Citrome, MD, MPH.
  • ASCP and JCP collaborated on a collection of videos, available below, to provide guidance for researchers who aim to be published.

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ASCP Insights: Writing, Reviewing, and Publishing Scientific Articles

The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry editors and ASCP members developed this video series to provide clinical researchers guidance on best practices for submitting and having their works published.

Part 1: Publishing in JCP

Marlene Freeman, MD, Editor in Chief of The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, introduces the journal and describes the virtue of being a “good citizen” in your submissions and correspondence, as well as the importance of building relationships by becoming a peer reviewer and eventually an active member of the Editorial Board.

Part 2: Demystifying the Manuscript Submission Process

Leslie L. Citrome, MD, MPH, editor of the ASCP Corner, describes how to write and submit a manuscript in such a way as to remove fear from the process and increase the chance of acceptance. These insights are especially valuable for early career psychiatrists.



Part 3: Applying a Diagnostic Approach to Peer Review

Joseph Goldberg, MD, editor for JCP’s Early Career Psychiatrists section, explains how reviewing a manuscript is akin to adopting the mindset of an emergency department physician and applies the diagnostic process to each aspect of the manuscript. He provides examples for becoming a critical reader, further describing what constitutes a critical review and instructing how to provide helpful criticism to the author and the editor. 


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