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Full Membership
If you are a physician in any specialty (M.D.; D.O.), a psychologist or a doctoral-level researcher in psychopharmacology or pharmacology (Ph.D.), you are eligible to be a Full Member of ASCP. The dues are $100 per year, and members receive discounts on all ASCP meetings and products. Dues are waived for Residents and Fellows.


Associate Membership
If you are a clinician or clinician/researcher (non-M.D; non-D.O.; non-Ph.D.) in the field, you qualify for Associate Membership.

The dues are $85 per year, and associate members receive discounts on all ASCP meetings and products. Associate members are not eligible for office or to vote.


Resident Membership
If you are a resident (graduate/postdoctoral/medical), fellow, or trainee in an approved psychiatric training program (pharmaceutical doctoral student, postdoctoral training program, or in a psychiatric nurse practitioner program), you qualify for Resident Membership.

The dues are complimentary per year, and resident members receive discounts on all ASCP meetings and products. Resident members are not eligible for office or to vote.


To join as a Full, Resident, or Associate Member, complete the online membership application below.   Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


Fellow Membership
Fellowship Membership is attained by full members after ten consecutive years of full membership. To achieve fellowship status, full members must also be registered and attend at least five ASCP meetings within the ten year tenure as well as maintain licensure in state of practice or in active practice. If you would like to become a fellowship member, please contact or 615-649-3085.


Developing Countries Membership Rate

The Developing Countries special full membership rate is available to those scientists in countries, defined as low and lower middle or upper middle income by the World Bank. The definition of the World Bank classes are tied specifically to the country’s GDP earnings, not individual earnings. Please note that to receive the Developing Countries Membership rate, you must have residency in, must be currently living in, and be a citizen of the qualifying country. All three requirements must be met in order to receive the discounted rate. Contact for more details.


  • World Bank Class A: $100
  • World Bank Class B: $80
  • World Bank Class C: $53
  • World Bank Class D: $26


Important Note: You must have the following documents ready to upload to the system at the time of registration:


Full Member

  • If you are a licensed physician or clinician (in any specialty), the current copy of your medical license.
  • If you hold other doctoral degrees and are an investigator of clinical psychopharmacology or pharmacology, a letter from your institution stating your employment in this area of research.
Associate Member
  • If you are a non-M.D., non-D.O., or non-Ph.D. clinician or clinician/researcher, a current license or letter from your institution or employer verifying employment.
  • If you are a resident or fellow, you will need to submit either: 1) a letter from your training director or department head verifying that you are in an approved psychiatric residency program, 2) the name of a current member we can contact to verify your training status, or 3) a copy of official student documentation, such as a student id.

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